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What Is A Plastic Roller Chain?

A plastic roller chain is a type of chain that is primarily made of plastic materials, such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), or acetal (POM). It is similar in design to a standard metal roller chain, but it offers several advantages over traditional metal chains.

The plastic material used in plastic roller chains provides several benefits, including resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and wear. It is also lightweight and requires no lubrication, which reduces maintenance requirements and extends the life of the chain.

Plastic Roller Chain For Sale

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How To Maintain The Plastic Roller Chain?

Plastic roller chains are a low-maintenance product, but they do require some basic maintenance to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. Here are some tips for maintaining your plastic roller chain:

Check the chain regularly for wear and if you notice any signs of wear, replace the chain immediately to prevent further damage.

Lubricate your chain regularly In general, you should use a light oil or grease that is compatible with the chain’s plastic material.

Keep Your Chain Clean Clean your chain with a mild soap and water solution, then dry it thoroughly.

Store your chain properly When not using your chain, store it in a clean, dry place


Plastic Roller Chain Advantage



 Plastic roller chains are much lighter than metal roller chains, which can make them a better choice for applications where weight is a concern.



Plastic roller chains are resistant to corrosion, which makes them a good choice for applications where they will be exposed to harsh environments.



Plastic roller chains require very little maintenance, which can save you time and money.


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How an plastic roller chain works?

  1. The chain is attached to the first sprocket.
  2. The sprocket rotates, which causes the chain to move.
  3. The rollers of the chain fit into the teeth of the sprocket.
  4. As the chain moves, it drives the second sprocket.
  5. The second sprocket rotates, which causes the chain to move again.
  6. This process continues until the chain reaches its destination.

Application of Plastic Roller Chain


Food processing

Plastic roller chains are often used in food processing applications because they are non-toxic and easy to clean. They are also resistant to chemicals and moisture, which makes them a good choice for applications where food products are handled.

Medical equipment

Plastic roller chains are used in medical equipment because they are sterile and can be used in aseptic environments. They are also resistant to chemicals and moisture, which makes them a good choice for applications where medical devices are used.


Plastic roller chains are used in automotive applications because they are lightweight and corrosion-resistant. They are also used in fuel systems, air conditioning systems, and other applications where there is a risk of contamination.


China Best Sales Agricultural Transmission Chain 08b-2 Double Row Roller Tooth Chain

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China OEM Blue and Natural Color Short Pitch Roller Chain 08A/40

Product Description  Blue and Natural Color Short Pitch Roller Chain 08A/40Products are made of high quality alloy steel production. The plates are punched and squeezed bores by precision technology. The pin, bush, roller are machined by high-efficiency automatic...

China Hot selling Elevator Agricultural Roller Chains on S38, S32V, S45h, S55h, S55r, S55V, S77h, S88h for Agricultural Combine

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China high quality Carbon Steel Roller Chain for Machines

Product Description Carbon Steel Roller Chain for Machines1. Standards: ISO /DIN /ANSI2. Model: 35-160, 04B-32B Simplex, Duplex, Triplex, Heavy duty3. Materials: Carbon steel 40Mn4. All parts are heat treatment(quenching and tempering) and controlled in a reasonable...

China supplier Standard Roller Chain From China

Product Description Standard Roller Chain From China Product Description1. Material: Alloy Steel2. Surface Treatment: Shot peening3. Application: This chain will be widely used in all of the industry machine and equipment.4. Chain No: 40-1, 50-1, 60-1, 80B-1, 10B-1,...

China Standard DIN Power Transmission Industry Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Heavy Duty a B Series Conveyor Chain for Industrial Applications Roller Chain 08b\10b\12b\16b

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China OEM Gearbox Transmission Belt Parts Attachment Products 15 a Series Short Pitch Precision Simplex Roller Chains and Bush Chains for Agriculture

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